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3 Tips to Help You Develop A HIPAA Compliant EHR System

If you are like most hospital and clinic owners, making your EHR system compliant with HIPAA security and privacy rules is at the top of your priority list. However, achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance can be a daunting task. Though most of the time developing the system in-house is not the best way to take, some organizations find it more practical to develop their own systems in-house.

Here are 3 simple tips that can help you develop your EHR system compliant with HIPAA.

1. Review the requirements for compliance. The first step in making your EHR system HIPAA compliant is understanding the requirements for compliance. The HHS website has a comprehensive list of the regulations involved in HIPAA compliance, which can be helpful in getting started.

2. Establish policies and procedures and document them. Once you understand compliance requirements and implement them successfully, you need policies and procedures on how to manage security and privacy risks of your EHR system. This includes everything from data entry to storage and security measures.

3. Get help from people who have technical experience. If you doubt your system has minimum compliance requirements, find a software development company specializing in building HIPAA compliant apps to help improve your EHR system’s security and overall quality.

4. Train your staff in how to use the system safely and securely. One of the biggest mistakes hospitals and clinics make when implementing an EHR system is not training their staff on how to use it safely and securely. Make sure all users of the system receive adequate security and privacy training, so they know how to always protect patient information.

If you developed your own EHR System and want to verify its compliance with HIPAA, you can contact us for a technical assessment.

Remember, having a HIPAA compliant EHR System is just a part of your compliance efforts. With it alone will not make you compliant with HIPAA. Your organization must have internal processes and appropriate compliance programs in place as part of your efforts to align your company with the requirements of the law.