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Finding the right software development firm is a challenging project in itself

With hundreds of software development companies in the US, it may be difficult to identify which one is best to work with for your long-term success. Without careful evaluation of their competencies, you may end up dealing with a firm facing its own challenges that could give you an unpleasant experience.
  • Difficulty estimating development time
  • Lacking skills in identifying project requirements
  • Struggles in meeting key milestones
  • Frequent miscommunication with stakeholders

Less experienced firms that exhibit these signs can require extended time and effort on your part to manage, consume your valuable software development budget, and ultimately leave you with an application that has limited success or at worst, ends in total failure.

Working With A Highly Experienced Software Development Firm Can Save You Trouble

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FilAm Software has the competencies and experience to ensure the success of your software project

FilAm Software has been successfully helping companies in the US since 2008 creating innovative software solutions for healthcare, data science, finance, and media industries. We ensure the ease of doing business whether our client is a large enterprise, medium or small business. We want our clients to maximize their development budget. With the offshore model, we mobilize more high-caliber Software Developers and Software Testers to provide well-tested and more optimized code, delivering projects successfully.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Gold Microsoft Partner

A turnkey software development firm with the highest level of competence in Application Development, Application Integration, Data Analytics and DevOps in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Success Focused

Success Focused

On board Business Specialist and Systems Analyst to help design successful custom software systems.

Quality Centric

Quality Centric

A dedicated team of expert Software Engineers and Software Quality Assurance committed to better project delivery.

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Start Your Project
in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Tell Us What You Need

In order to create a custom software solution that will help your business run more efficiently, we need to have a thorough understanding of your specific needs.

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Step 2

Discuss the Plan

We will share a project plan that outlines every step of our software development process. It will serve as a roadmap to the success of your software, delivering it on time and on budget.

Step 3

Drive Your Business Success

We value seeing the software we built together bring success to your business. FilAm Software can continue improving your software as your business grows.

Many companies have tried to develop software but failed to have successful products

  • From 2015 to 2020, only 35% of software projects were successful which is 3% lower than the previous years.
  • Only 16.2% of IT projects were successfully completed on time and on budget.
  • 66% of software development projects were challenged and failed.
  • Less mature organizations had 90% challenged and failed projects.
  • SOURCE: Standish Group Chaos Report 2020


Delay, over-budget and failure in software development can be avoided. Together, we can build successful software!

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Our Services

How Do We Manage Development Projects?

FilAm Software employs Agile methodologies including Scrum and Kanban to manage software projects. When appropriate, we also practice other disciplines such as pair programming, test driven development, domain driven development and design driven development. We are flexible enough to modify our process to fit best within a given project.

Software Development

We specialize in Enterprise-Class Application Software (EAS) development. Our solutions are designed to grow and meet the demands of your business. We can help you transform your infrastructure for seamless integration and scalability.

Cloud technologies enables you to scale your business without spending extra money on building hardware that you may never need or only need sometimes. Moving to the cloud gives you infinite scalability, with little up front or even long-term costs. As experts in cloud-based applications and deployments, FilAm Software should be your team of choice.

With the ever-diversifying needs for mobile and high-availability applications, most of our projects utilize a mobile first design. We make sure solutions are responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We specialize in cross-platform development using Xamarin for efficiency and native iOS and Android applications for specific project needs.

With over 10 years of experience in developing healthcare software solutions, FilAm Software can ensure that your Electronic Health Record (EHR) System is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

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Software Quality Assurance

We understand that having limited resources presents challenges when it comes to testing projects. By prioritizing testing based on risk, we can ensure that valuable resources are focused on what matters the most.

We work closely with our partners in designing test plans that prioritize high-risk areas and maximize test coverage for a more robust application. We do this while empowering our partners to have greater control over their testing budgets.

With the global rise of various security threats and outright attacks, we are always continuing to stay on top and improve our security testing capabilities, techniques, and tools. We strive to pinpoint system vulnerabilities while strictly maintaining evolving standards set forth by our partners and governmental legislation.

Through repeated and continuous API testing, we assess an application’s functionalities using tools like Ready API. This form of testing allows us to dive deep into the backend of our partners’ applications and make sure they work as they intended.

Our SQA engineers build automated regression testing platforms using testing tools such as Selenium and JMeter that repeatedly measure relevant software quality. Automation is the best tool to scale mature system testing, ensuring regression issues do not get reintroduced from system changes.

As our offshore model allows us to provide more resources within the same budget. We increase test coverage many times over. Tools like TestLink let us quickly deliver test artifacts to our partners while maintaining the standards for manual test cases.

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Data Science

Highly profitable companies around the globe are making use of their data as drivers for growth and competitive advantage. Your data has the potential to propel your business to greater success, but it does nothing on its own. We at Filam FilAm Software can help you unlock this potential by transforming your data into actionable insights. These insights can help you make impactful and fact-based decisions that add greater value to your business.

We can improve the quality of your data by streamlining your data collection and storage. We will help you identify data silos and integrate your data sources and repositories into a singular structure for ease of access while maintaining comprehensive data privacy and security protections.

Through advanced statistical analysis, AI, and self-learning algorithms, we can help you convert your data into high-value insights that can empower you to make smarter business decisions.

With the use of intuitive, engaging, and meaningful visualizations such as analytics reports and dashboards, we can help you get the insights that you need to make value-driven decisions. Our visualization techniques can help you tell a more accurate and thorough story derived from your own data.

Converting raw data into formats that can be utilized is tedious and resource intensive. Let us do the heavy lifting and we will translate your data’s potential into value while keeping costs within your budget.

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FilAm Software has an extensive history working with Salesforce products. We are certified in Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce App Builder, Salesforce Platform Developer, and Sales Cloud Consultant tracks along with other accreditations. Our teams are ready to tailor-fit applications to your requirements or develop new ones based on your specifications without breaking the bank. Let us do the work of making your Salesforce systems return greater business value.

Build customer-facing Sales Cloud application solutions to bolster your business’ sales and marketing capabilities. Our Sales cloud consultants can help you design Sales Cloud apps that boost user efficiency, automate data analysis, and track metrics that are relevant to your needs.

Our certified Salesforce Admin can help manage and customize your Salesforce solution to better suit your needs through building better reports, dashboards, and other visualizations giving you greater insight into your business processes and data.

Our Salesforce Developers can help you design, create, and launch your own customized and pre-integrated Salesforce app using development platform. We can even help you deploy and implement your app throughout relevant elements of your business organization.

Do you have your own web app that you need incorporated with your Salesforce systems? With our Salesforce integration expert’s extensive knowledge of APIs and web services, we can seamlessly integrate any third-party app to the Salesforce platform.

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The Developers and SQA teams are both detailed and very committed to their work. We appreciate that they work hard to meet deadlines and kept us informed of what is going on in the project daily. Our system turned out to be better than our initial design.

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