FilAm Software is one of the preeminent outsourced Software Development, Data Analytics, and Software Quality Assurance service providers in the Philippines. Our focus is on delivering top quality enterprise-class software on time and within budget. In our 14 years of operation, we have put together an incredible team of experts and tools to deliver successful projects over and over again. Combined with more than 100+ years of management experience, we are fully committed to quality output in every project we handle.

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FilAm Software Technology is a Microsoft Gold Partner in 4 key competencies: Application Development, Application Integration, Data Analytics, and DevOps. Earning the highest standard in the Microsoft Partners Network (MPN) has given us a particular savvy in working with Microsoft technologies and any project that depends on their products and systems.

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    FilAm Software employs Agile methodologies including Scrum and Kanban to manage software projects. When appropriate, we also practice other disciplines such as pair programming, test driven development, domain driven development and design driven development. We are flexible enough to modify our process to fit best within a given project.

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FilAm Software has clients from a wide array of industries, from Healthcare, media, and Data Science. We have helped integrate enterprise class software for big businesses that improved mission-critical functions. We are testing proprietary software for health insurance policy holders to better refine their customer experience. Being customizable and scalable, the cloud solutions we've developed have saved our clients significant resources. Our accomplishments are achieved through dedication to delivering insights and working solutions to our clients. Here are some of our customers:

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#BestPlaceToWork is a mind set that we seek to achieve every day. As a company, this principle guides us to provide our people with outstanding environments to work, grow and excel. This is applied to how we do everything from the top to the bottom and translates into the best possible delivery for our customers. Come work with us and see why FilAm Software Technology is really the #BestPlaceToWork!