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The Management Team
Mike Shane
Boris Prager
Vice President
Lhen Villa
Director of Software Engineering
Noel Denola
Creative Director
John Todorovic
Head of People Success
Moray Fleming
IT & General Operations Manager
Department Managers
Charlene Bagsic
Software Quality Assurance Lead
Stephen Bagsic
Development Manager
Jerahmee Cudia
Development Manager
Louie David
Software Quality Assurance Manager
Debbie Espino
Data Engineer Manager
Mio Ong
Development Manager
Oliver Pasia
Development Manager
Geody Sanchez
Project Manager
Benjamin Sicat
Project Manager
The FilAmians

Collaborative Culture

Working together as a team is essential to achieving success. At FilAm Software, collaboration is our approach to problem solving and getting ahead. Through the synergy of different mindsets and skill sets, we create results that could never be achieved by an individual alone. At every level of our organization, we believe cooperation amplifies the potential in each one of us and allows us to reach maximum productivity and innovation. Through open communication and fostering an environment of trust between employees, businesses can find solutions to complex challenges faster than ever before. Collaboration at our company is not just a beneficial way for us to work – it’s also a great opportunity for us all to grow together.

If you are looking for a #BestPlaceToWork like ours where you can to take your career success to the next level, join our team today! We actively seek ambitious and talented people who want to reach their full potential, ready to go above and beyond.
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