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The Video Publishing Tool provides a user with a fast and secure method to upload videos to a Windows Azure application. It was developed for a large company in US to help them more efficiently manage their day-to-day bottleneck in uploading videos. In this project we used WPF for the presentation, WCF to move the files to the cloud and C# as the underlying language.

This project was unique since the files were to be encrypted before transport and storage and then decrypted from a separate client application using Silverlight. This created some challenges since we had to match the encryption and decryption components with what is available for use in Silverlight and had to work with files that were not in the isolated storage area which is accessible to the Silverlight client. Even with the combination of these different technologies we were able to complete the project within the project timeline and scope.

Technologies Used:
  • WPF
    To create all of the styles and themes as an external resource, to be able to change the look and feel of the application easily.
  • WCF
    To communicate and fetch result from Web Service.
  • Web Services
    To save and retrieve information from SQL Azure.

  • SQL Azure
    To manage data in a cloud database.
  • Security
    To ensure security we use different techniques such as using security tokens, hashing and data encryption.
Key Features:
  • The ability to upload multiple videos at a time.
  • The ability to process large video.
  • The ability to upload an encrypted video in Windows Azure Storage.
  • The ability to save and retrieve information from SQL Azure.