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Software Development

FilAm Software Technology Inc. is a company dedicated to developing high quality window-based or web-based software, helping companies cut down on expenses and improve their quality of service.

Our development team is made up of some of the leading experts in the field, all of whom are dedicated to accomplishing FilAm’s goal, to produce the highest standard of quality software. Our professional analysts are trained to target our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring that every detail is followed producing software that is robust, reliable and looks good as well (not forgetting those humans).

Our process is designed to be flexible to meet your needs. We can use one of our standard methodologies or custom tailor one to fit with your particular project. A typical development project might include the following phases:


  • Prototyping is the stage where the developers are creating mock-up designs subjected to client approvals. This is done to ensure that documented specification matches the software and to acquire feedbacks and ideas from client.
  • After the prototypes have been approved by the client, the developers will then create a layout of the software using the required technology that will be used to build the software. Software design is also subjected to client approvals that could still be changed as the development progresses.
  • Coding is the actual implementation of the client specifications using the required programming language that the client requested. To ensure that coding standard we follow the 3 ‘C’ in writing code:
  • Clean – The code must be clean and free from unused codes. They should be properly labeled and grouped according to their usage or type.
  • Clear – The code must be written clearly, it should be read and understood by other developer who tries to read the code.
  • Concise – The code should be concise, the shorter the code the better.
  • By following the coding standard it will be easier for the developers to help each other and if ever there are bugs found during testing it will be easier to determine which part of the code is causing the problem.
  • Unit testing is performed by the developers to ensure that the software is fit for use and ready for Quality Assurance testing.

FilAm Development team is always ready to provide client needs, be it to create new software or to improve an existing one. We are always ready to fulfill each given task, to work under pressure and to finish the task in the given timeline.

As we continue building software and providing our clients with satisfaction we managed to use different languages such as C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, XAML and PHP and different technologies such as WPF, WCF and Silverlight. We assure that the development team is always updated with the latest software trend and latest software innovation. We are always open to conducting studies, trainings and researches to ensure that developers can cope and adapt to the new software concepts.

We Offer:
  • Development of new software or existing software

  • Database Administration

  • Fast actions/resolutions on client feedback

  • Complete technical assistance including documentations

  • Secured client information