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Software Testing is one of the most important functionalities in the Software Development Life Cycle. It demonstrates all the mistakes and errors in the developed software. Without correcting these errors which are also known as "bugs" in technical words, the software development is considered to be incomplete. Thus, Software Testing is an important component to assure quality of the product.

Software testing has always been an important aspect of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Society. As computer technology is becoming more capable and can offer a set of advanced functions, software also tends to be bigger and more complex. Software created by a person is bound not only to have grandness but also glitches.

Software that fails to function properly after a product has been released can result to more manual work, time and money to the customer and can lead to the dissatisfaction of the customer. In this situation the company’s reputation is also at stake. The capability to create, finish and turn in a product that complies with the client’s expectations and purpose dependably offers the competitive edge in the market. Delays in this business can result to failure.

At FilAm Software Technology we test in parallel to software development, in this way risks can be reduced and the accuracy of creating codes and scripts are improved. These are the advantages of the software services we provide. We make sure that all aspects of the process are covered, from creating test plans, test cases, running the tests and creating bug reports to result to an enhanced quality of the end product.

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