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Illustration on Why the Philippines is the best in Outsourcing


In 2010 the Philippines became number one for call center outsourcing, rapidly taking over from India who used to be the world’s leading supplier of outsourced telecommunications services. The success of Philippines in this industry is largely due to having the friendliest, most industrious workforces along with the perfect environment to do business.

The Philippines offers highly skilled workers with competitive rates of pay who are extremely proficient in the English language. This is why the Philippines has quickly become the top location for outsourced business.

As well as world leading call center solutions, the Philippines is rapidly becoming recognized for its higher-end outsourcing services such as systems analysis, networking, animation, website design, search engine optimization and software development. The Philippines are renowned not only for their fluency in English but in a vast majority of programming languages as well, including Visual C#, C++, Visual Basic, XAML, PHP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, Silverlight, WPF and WCF to mention a few.