FilAm Software Technology Inc. has revolutionized software testing. With over 40 years of software industry experience we bring cost effective, on-demand solutions, high-quality and professionally built software, designed to meet your testing needs and budget.

Web Application Testing

Complete testing is an essential for a web-based system before going live. It can help address issues before the system is released to the client FilAm Software Technology Inc. is the ultimate solution for testing web applications that extends the tests across multiple platforms, browsers, languages, environments and locations.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop application development takes time depending on the complexity of the system. With the ever rising cost of the software development and quickly getting to market is quite a big challenge for software companies. FilAm Software Technology Inc. brings the best possible solution for better software.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications have greatly improved the efficiency of our daily online activities. For any mobile application developer hoping to produce a quality mobile application, testing is an essential part of the application development process. We test the features of your mobile application across carrier, handset language and location.

Gaming Application Testing

As games become more complex, launching quality applications and getting these to the marketplace promptly has been quite hard. Testing for games require that the products to undergo different hardware platforms, operating systems, web browsers, add-ons and environments to check that the game works as required.

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