1. Component/Functional Testing

This black box type of testing is performed based on knowledge about system functionality. Testers use test cases, design and/or specifications documents to check the different functional aspects of the system in different conditions. The goal of testing is achieving 100% functional coverage and finding defects related to using component or system in different specific usage scenarios.

Functional testing typically involves five steps:

  • Identify the functions that the software is expected to perform

  • Create of test data based on the function's specifications

  • Determine the output based on the function's specifications

  • Test Case execution

  • Actual and expected results comparison

2. Regression Testing

This test is being performed by our software test engineers to check if the changes that are made and added in the system will not affect the other components that might lead to new bugs. Rerunning test cases and checking previously fixed bugs are also checked during Regression testing.

3. Compatibility Testing

This is performed by testing the software under different environment configuration. Environment may include different operating systems and their settings as well as different software with which the software is intended to interact.

4. Stress/Volume Testing

This test is necessary to check the performance of the system in an environment with disk space or memory shortage. Checking it in such conditions is important to ensure that it will function as expected if the end user had such condition. Most of the time, if it is not build and tested carefully, the system will react in an incorrect way which may lead to data loss and corruption, which may lead to having users unsatisfied or disappointed. Customers’ disappointment might badly affect the image of the company; therefore, we make sure that we do this correctly to avoid such problems with the products that we deliver to our customers.

5. Performance Testing

Performance is one of the essential factors of a software product. We do performance testing to simulate the expected conditions and measure system response.

6. Security Testing

FilAm Software Technology Inc. focus on delivering a product that will also ensure that it has software security. Our QA team performs Security testing to check how strong the defense is and if there's a possibility to bring it down or to hack sensitive customer's data. The following parameters are examined in this type of testing: SQL injection, HTML/DHTML injection, Encryption of critical data, Script parameter exploits, Firewall settings, Database security, Password safety, Backdoors in code, and Access permission settings.

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